Mid-Year Takeovers

Mid-Year Takeovers

What has seamless claims processing and payments, short down-times, accurate data transfers and very pleased participants?

Mid-year takeovers, of course.

Over the years, we’ve transferred FSAs, HRAs and COBRA administration for hundreds of organizations before their plan year or insurance coverages ended.

At Employee Benefits Corporation, for each organization that makes the choice to transfer their plan mid-year, we provide the support of an individually-assigned Client Service Consultant who’s familiar with plan transfers from start to finish. We tell you what we need to make the transfer a success so you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.

Time-tested processes help brokers and employers understand the differences as well as the new features available with their new administration, whether they've chosen the BESTflex Plan, EBC HRA, COBRASecure, SimplyHSA or CommuteEase.

Why wait?

By the time your plan year is ending you probably have enough to do without having to negotiate new plan administration, employee education, enrollment as well as all the other year-end tasks vying for your attention. We have the processes in place, the system to accommodate what you need and the experienced support to make transferring administration mid-year a success.

Questions about mid-year takeovers?

If you have any questions about the takeover process, please contact your Regional Sales Director or contact a member of our Sales team, by phone at 800 846 2126 or using email at sales@ebcflex.com

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Takeover Process Flyers

Download a copy of our BESTflex Plan or our COBRASecure Takeover Process flyers for more information.

BESTflex Plan Takeover Process Flyer

COBRASecure Takeover Process Flyer

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