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In-house Compliance Services:

How we test and why we update.

Employee Benefits Corporation strives to keep employers’ plans compliant with all IRS regulations. Two keys to compliance are annual Nondiscrimination Testing and timely updates to plan documents.

Annual testing

Nondiscrimination Testing ensures that a plan does not favor highly compensated employees and highlights issues employers may need to correct. We perform the testing on employers’ behalf using plan year data that employers provide to us.

Our Compliance Services team tests for not only BESTflex Plans, but also for Premium Only Plans and provide the tools for clients to test their own EBC HRA. Our testing is very comprehensive in order to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

We provide a BESTflex Plan and EBC HRA Nondiscrimination Testing Worksheet that is available online.

We’ve also created a Nondiscrimination Testing Workbook to help employers complete the Worksheet and to answer some frequently asked questions.

Nondiscrimination Testing materials are conveniently located in the employer account portal, My Account Administrator.

Employers simply log in, then access the documents from a central location.

The completed worksheet may be returned using the secure upload tool in My Account Administrator.

Document updates

Employee Benefits Corporation updates documents once a year, more frequently when Federal regulations change. These document changes are initiated by our Compliance Services Team and usually involve expert members from our other teams.

The Compliance Services Team regularly communicates with legislators and lobbyists responsible for proposing and monitoring benefits legislation at both the state and federal level. This gives us an edge when it’s time to update our important plan documents, so we are not caught by surprise when changes occur.

Making compliance easy

Our expertise, commitment, technology and communication make maintaining plan compliance easy.