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What are transportation benefits?

Transportation benefits are IRS-approved “qualified transportation fringe” benefit plan, providing special, tax-free transportation benefits covering parking, transit, vanpooling and bicycling.

How does CommuteEase work?

CommuteEase consists of five accounts: Transit (includes Vanpooling), Parking, Parking – Cash Reimbursement, Parking – Employer Provided, and Bicycling. Please consult your My Company Plan for the accounts available under your company’s plan design.

Participants set aside money from their paychecks to pay for certain transportation expenses such as parking, transit and vanpooling before taxes are taken from their pay. When the tax savings are applied to their transportation expenses, participants pay less.

Transit Account

The Transit Account allows you to pay for Transit Pass Expenses and Commuter Highway Vehicle (Vanpool) Expenses.

The Transit Account payment options may include Passes, Commuter Check Vouchers or the Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard®.

Please see My Company Plan for specific payment options. You do not need to submit receipts, but you should retain receipts for your tax records.

Parking Account

The Parking Account allows participants to pay for Qualified Parking, expenses they incur to park at or near their regular place of employment, or expenses they incur to park at a location from which they commute to work by carpool, Commuter Highway Vehicle (Vanpool) or mass transit.

For example, Qualified Parking Expenses include expenses for parking at the Park-n-Ride lot at the train station in the suburbs so participants may take the train into the city for work.

The Parking Account payment options may include Direct Pay, Commuter Check Voucher or the Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard®.

Please see My Company Plan for specific payment options offered by your employer.

Parking – Cash Reimbursement Account

The Parking – Cash Reimbursement Account allows participants to be reimbursed for Qualified Parking Expenses upon completing a reimbursement request. Receipts may be required. Please consult My Company Plan. If receipts are required participants must submit a receipt providing the parking provider’s name, the date or dates and the amount of the expense.

Parking – Employer Provided Account

The Parking – Employer Provided Account allows participants to pay for Qualified Parking Expenses directly to the employer through payroll deductions for parking provided by the employer.

Bicycling Account

The Bicycling Account is a voucher program funded solely by the employer. Please check My Company Plan to determine if this account is available. Participants can elect to receive Commuter Check Vouchers for Bicycling in any denomination between $10 and $20 made payable to participating bicycle shops and bicycle storage facilities to pay for Qualified Bicycle Commuting Expenses.

Qualified Bicycle Commuting Expenses are reasonable expenses (as determined by the employer) for the cost of purchasing a bicycle and/or the cost of improvements, repairs, or storage of a bicycle that participants regularly use, for at least one calendar month in the year of purchase, to travel between home and work.

The Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard is issued by MetaBank™ pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.


CommuteEase Videos

Using Your Funds (2:01)

Learn about using CommuteEase funds to purchase vouchers and pre-paid cards.

Download our User Guide

A simple, step-by-step guide is available to walk participants through every process they will need when using the online ordering platform. Participants can log into My Account Assistant and click "Forms and Materials" under "Download" to download the CommuteEase Online User Guide.