COBRASecure Help

COBRASecure Help

My Account Administrator COBRA reports.

Fast and convenient.

Most reports are run within COBRASecure Online, however six customer-requested reports are available directly through My Account Administrator without having to log in to COBRASecure Online. These reports make it easier to manage Qualified Beneficiary and Premium Billing activity, and provide information to help you complete federally required reporting.

The 6 reports are:

  • ACA Report
  • Continuant 5500 Report
  • Remittance Report
  • Qualified Beneficiary Enrollment Status Report
  • Premium Billing Member Enrollment Status Report
  • Summary of COBRA Rates Report

Download the COBRA Reports Flyer for more details about using each report.

Who has access to these reports?

Clients and brokers that have access to information for all divisions of an organization will have access to these reports.

Where are these reports?

They are located in My Account Administrator:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Open the menu
  3. Click "Reports" under "Resources"
  4. Click on the appropriate logo

COBRASecure: ACA, Continuant 5500, Remittance Report, QB Enrollment Status, Summary of COBRA Rates

Premium Billing: ACA, Continuant 5500, Remittance Report, Premium Billing Member Enrollment Status

Do these reports replace the reports available in COBRASecure Online?

No, those reports are still available by clicking “COBRASecure Online” in the menu after logging in to My Account Administrator. These 6 reports are available without entering COBRASecure Online. These reports are more convenient for you to access, and are presented in a more user-friendly format.