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BESTflex Plan with the Benefits Card: Documentation Requests

You’ve enrolled in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to save money on eligible expenses. To utilize these savings, you have to play by the IRS rules and regulations for FSAs, which may involve providing purchase documentation for expenses paid for with your Benefits Card.

Expenses Manually Verified as Eligible

Sometimes when you use your Benefits Card at a merchant or service provider, you need to manually provide additional information to us to show that your expense is eligible for payment from your Health Care FSA. In this case, we send you a documentation request email, asking you to submit more information about your expense.

When you receive a documentation request, you didn’t do anything wrong. Showing that your expenses are eligible is a normal part of using your Health Care FSA. It’s a good idea to save all documentation for your Health Care FSA expenses so that you can provide it upon request.

Expenses Automatically Verified as Eligible

Other times when you use your Benefits Card at a merchant or service provider, your expense is automatically verified as eligible at the point of sale and you don’t need to do anything or submit any purchase documentation. Please do not provide purchase documentation if it wasn’t requested.

What is a documentation request?

A documentation request is a communication that lets you know that a specific Benefits Card transaction requires additional information to verify the expense is eligible for payment from your Health Care FSA. The request includes the transaction date and amount.

What information do I need to send when I get a documentation request?

Your purchase documentation needs to include an itemized statement of charges from the provider or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier. It must include:

  • Date(s) the items or service were provided
  • Description of the items or service
  • Name of the provider or merchant
  • Dollar amount of the expense

How do I submit documentation?

Submitting documentation online or via the mobile app is the quickest and most secure.

  1. Online at Scan or take photos of your purchase documentation so you have an electronic copy available on your computer or device.
    • When you log in, you will receive a notification that Benefits Card documentation is required
    • Follow the on-screens steps to submit documentation
  2. Mobile App. Take a photo of your documentation on your mobile device or have it available to take a photo while you’re in the app.
    • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
    • Log in to the app and select the Benefits Card transaction that requires documentation
    • Follow the on-screen steps to submit documentation
  3. Email your documentation and a copy of the documentation request to

Benefits Card Pro Tips

  • Save all expense documentation for your Benefits Card transactions along with your tax records
  • Take photos of your documentation using your smartphone and save them for your records
  • Always make sure your expenses are eligible by looking at your Eligible Expenses list in your online account
  • Remember, we will let you know if we need you to submit documentation and don’t submit anything unless we request documentation from you

Compliance Services

Benefits Card Documentation Request Flyer

This flyer provides a great overview on using the Benefits Card, eligible expenses and saving expense documentation.

Download the Document Request Flyer

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