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10 Essential Tips for Your Benefits Card

Important tips to help make the card work for you.

1. Sign your card before using it. (00:17)

First thing is first. Sign the back of your card before using it. As with any debit or credit card, this simple action helps to keep your card safe from fraud.

2. Getting started with your new card (00:25)

To activate your Benefits Card, just use it. Select “Credit” if given an option. You may also be interested in knowing that you can request a second Benefits Card for your eligible dependents, at no cost.

3. Know where you can use your card (00:18)

Save yourself the hassle – know where you can use your Benefits Card by checking online, using the list of IIAS Retailers.

4. Know what you can buy with your card (00:22)

Know which expenses are eligible with your Benefits Card. Simply log in to your account at for a list.

5. Save your documentation (01:00)

Save it! If, by chance, your Benefits Card transaction is not approved automatically at the point of sale, and if you didn’t manually document it, you will receive a Documentation Request asking for documentation of the expense.

6. Know what information is required for documentation (00:31)

A few key details go a long way. Make sure your documentation has: date of service, type of service, amount of expense incurred, and name of your service provider.

7. Know what might happen using the card for dental and vision expenses (00:24)

Fact of life: At the dentist, optometrist, or other vision or dental providers, transactions you make using your Benefits Card are more likely to need documentation to back it up.

8. Understand why your card could be cancelled (00:33)

If your BESTflex FSA or EBC HRA terminates, or if you have used the card inappropriately for ineligible expenses too many times, your card could be cancelled.

9. Understand why your card was declined (00:37)

Reason #1: The merchant does not accept the Benefits Card.
Reason #2: Your purchase is not eligible. There are easy fixes for both of these!

10. Check your account balance and submit claims on the go (00:28)

Use the mobile app to submit documentation, when requested. Download My Mobile Account Assistant for your Android or Apple device, and use the camera on your device to upload documentation.

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