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What is Balance?

Balance from Employee Benefits Corporation offers organizations a participation-based program that rewards the achievement of healthy lifestyle goals. With Balance, participants determine their own level and type of involvement. They can choose from hundreds of fitness-related activities and from a wide variety of fresh produce and healthy foods available at local markets.

Innovative apps help Balance participants meet nutritional, fitness or other healthy objectives. Participants share their accomplishments and stay engaged online with co-workers, family and friends using built-in social tools. Balance is an engaging program that will help employees feel better, live healthier, and be more productive.

Balance Offer Rewards are deposited into a new or existing tax advantaged SimplyHSA, EBC HRASM or BESTflexSM Plan, helping participants reduce the cost of their eligible healthcare expenses. Balance doesn’t require participant payroll deductions or elections.

Access it all.

Get everything you need by logging in to My Account Assistant via Through My Account Assistant access Tandem, EveryMove Fit and NutriSavings accounts.

You may also view your funds deposited from Balance Offer Rewards using My Account Assistant.

Balance Offers

Live healthy, earn rewards.

Organizations create Balance Offers that reflect their culture, are easy to understand, and encourage participation. Balance Offers are designed to be simple and engaging.

3 Types of Balance Offers

  • Fitness-based: Physical activities
  • Nutrition-based: Healthy grocery shopping choices
  • Education-based: Health and well-being events

Accept Balance Offers

Balance Offers are available to view and accept using by using Tandem. You can log activities, score points, and see your progress towards a Balance Offer Goal. You may also track fitness activities using Tandem!

Accessing Tandem
Log into the Tandem website using My Account Assistant:

  • Log into your participant account at
  • Choose "Balance" from the menu
  • Click "Tandem"

Track Fitness Activities

EveryMove is the social side of Balance! It is another place to track fitness activities.

You can:

  • Log activities
  • Share activities
  • Post photos
  • Earn Badges
  • Sync fitness trackers
  • Like, comment, and "Share the Love" with friends, family, and coworkers.

Accessing EveryMove
Download the EveryMove Fit mobile app. Or from your computer's web browser:

  • Access Tandem
  • Under "Connected Programs" click EveryMove Fit

Shopping with Balance

By using NutriSavings, your healthy grocery shopping choices help you earn Balance Offer Rewards! Access NutriSavings by downloading the NutriSavings mobile app, or from your computer’s web browser:

Accessing NutriSavings

  • Log into your participant account at
  • Choose "Balance" from the menu
  • Click "NutriSavings"

Supermarket loyalty cards
Supermarket loyalty cards are used to associate you with your shopping trips, point totals and rewards. Once logged in to NutriSavings, register your loyalty cards in for each supermarket where you expect to shop. Next, simply start shopping!

Shopping Lists and the Food Catalog
NutriSavings’ built-in Shopping List tool helps you consolidate your healthy choices from both Cash-back Offers and the Weekly Savings List from your local supermarket into a convenient shopping list. Use the Food Catalog to determine food score values. Simply purchase healthy items with high food scores.