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father and son using tablet and fsa flexible spending account benefits card

BESTflex Plan with the Benefits Card

Your Benefits Card gives you easy access to your Health Care flexible spending account (FSA) funds when you need them.

Getting Your Card

A card is mailed to you when you enroll in the BESTflex Plan Health Care FSA. You will receive an email from us when it’s on the way to you. Once you receive it in the mail, simply use it to activate it.

You can request up to four additional cards for others covered by your plan at no cost to you.

Making Purchases

Use your Benefits Card to pay for eligible expenses at a variety of retailers, including online retailers specializing in FSA-eligible items like Health Shopper or FSA Store. You can also use your card wherever you currently buy eligible items, like national chains (e.g., Walgreens, Target) or local pharmacies. Please note that your card may be declined if you try to use it to pay for an ineligible expense.

Documentation Requests

Some purchases may require additional documentation. In these cases, we will reach out to you to request documentation. Learn more about documentation requests.

Report a Card Lost or Stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, contact us by phone or email right away. We will help you cancel the current card and get a new one sent to you.

BESTflex Plan

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