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All of our products include full support from a dedicated Client Service Consultant, who has backing from specialists and experts across our organization. Our compliance expertise is integrated in everything we do. And as employee-owners, we want the opportunity to earn your business. We value and cultivate long-lasting relationships because partnerships are everything.

BESTflex Plan

The BESTflex Plan is a cafeteria plan that allows employers to offer money-saving, tax-advantaged benefits to their employees. Employers choose from a premium only plan (POP), self-administration, or flexible spending account (FSA) administration options for standard Health Care (medical, vision, and dental), Limited Health (vision and dental only), and Dependent Care (day care for children and adult dependents).


EBC HRA offers employers the most control to design a benefit that matches and complements their health insurance plan. And participants enjoy a benefit plan that is funded entirely with employer dollars. Employers determine when the HRA will pay and how much, and participants receive funds for eligible expenses.


Federal COBRA regulations apply to employers with 20 or more common-law employees who worked 50% of the preceding calendar year's typical business days. Our end-to-end COBRA administration provides notices within required timeframes, collection of premium payments, remittance to the employer, coordination with carriers for reinstatements and terminations, and state continuation options.


SimplyHSA is a savings account for eligible health expenses. The health savings account is an employer offered benefit and it works like a bank account for participants—but also offers triple tax savings and investment opportunities. We help employers and participants understand the plan and get the most value out of it.

Compliance Services

We offer specific Compliance Services to help you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Our à la cart services include Wrap Plan Documents, Form 5500, and Nondiscrimination Testing for Cafeteria Plans.


CommuteEase offers tax savings to participants on their transit and parking expenses—and satisfies transportation requirements in certain metro areas.

Billing Services

Billing Services reduces workload and gets billing done. Provide us with your recurring premium amounts for the year and the employees to bill, and we’ll do the rest. Set it and forget it.