Our Products

We offer a full range of pre-tax and COBRA products and support services.

With creative plan designs, timely communications, proprietary technology driving comprehensive user account portals, expert customer support, educational digital media and detailed reporting, our entire product line offers flexible pre-tax and COBRA plans covering a wide variety of benefits-oriented expenses.

BESTflexSM Plan

The BESTflex Plan allows participants to deduct money from their pay on a pre-tax basis to pay for group insurance premiums and fund flexible spending accounts. We also offer the BESTflex Plan Premium Only and Self Administered Section 125 Plan.


Participants in the EBC HRA use employer contributions to pay for eligible, out-of-pocket health care expenses. With a wide range of creative plan designs, carrier data transfers and compatibility with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), our EBC HRA teams are made up of some of the most knowledgeable HRA professionals in the business. We also offer a Self Administered Section 105 Plan.

COBRASecureSM, State Continuation and Premium Billing Administration

COBRASecure helps to provide compliance with all COBRA regulations and, in turn, minimizes potential liability for employers. State Continuation Administration is available for employers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Each state has its own set of continuation regulations, for which we provide 100 percent compliant administration. We also offer COBRA Premium Billing services.


When employers are simply looking for a benefit that’s easy to set up and understand, allows tax-free contributions, offers compliant integration with other benefits and includes a prepaid debit card, think SimplyHSA from Employee Benefits Corporation.


CommuteEase is a cutting-edge, compliant and customizable benefits program that lets employees take advantage of reimbursements and pre-tax dollars to lower the cost of their daily commute.

The Benefits Card

The Employee Benefits Corporation Benefits Card is a stored-value debit card that participants use instead of cash to pay for their eligible, out-of-pocket expenses adding convenience to our tax-advantaged plans and SimplyHSA.

Compliance Services

Compliance Services leverages our proven expertise to provide Wrap Documents, Form 5500 preparation, and Nondiscrimination Testing for Insured and Cafeteria Plans.